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Say NO to steroids in UK - what we have to know

06.03.2020 13:03Інші

This article is based on the main UK bodybuilding issues that every athlete faces and most come to a unanimous conclusion. Is modern bodybuilding WITHOUT STEROIDS possible? or How to pump up in nature?

Bodybuilding without steroids In most cases, all future strength and bodybuilders start the same way, no matter what, with minimal knowledge, they go to the gym, and plow, plow, plow, knowledge accumulates along the way, but the mass and strength remain the same, time goes on. but there are still no noticeable shifts. What to do? everyone asks himself ... As a rule, UK sports nutrition and a pharmacy come to the rescue, because if you really understand, sports supplements and some pharmacy drugs in good hands can increase the effectiveness of training, speed up protein synthesis and anabolic processes! At the same time, they are available and you can purchase them at every step. But here another question arises: is it really effective, or are steroids irreplaceable in bodybuilding here?

Below, we will consider some of the most effective pharmacy drugs and nutritional supplements from a number of sports nutrition, talk about the mechanisms of their action and properties from anabolic processes.

The so-called Anabolizers are drugs that have substances in their structure that can significantly enhance the process of anabolism in the human body.

This classification includes glutamic acid, which plays a role in the processes of nitrogen metabolism in the muscles, as well as a positive effect on the central nervous system.

Methionine. Included in a number of essential amino acids. It is able to exclude excess fats from the liver, participates in the growth of the body and its nitrogen balance. It tends to activate the work of hormones and vitamins (B12, C and folic acid), as well as liver enzymes and others.

Alvezin. A pharmacological preparation containing an amino acid complex with many essential amino acids: glutamic acid, alanine, arginine, aspartic acid, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, etc. It has a positive effect on protein metabolism by stimulating it.

There are other drugs, such as potassium orotate and liv-52. All these drugs are widely used not only in bodybuilding, but also in other sports. Their popularity lies in the fact that they are able to participate and stimulate to improve some of the physiological processes of the body that are beneficial for athletes. However, such drugs are used only to improve the quality of natural development, of course it is better with them than without them, but nevertheless pharmacy anabolics will not give you tangible results. By and large, you will not notice their actions, but for the general maintenance of health, it is still recommended to take them. As a rule, experienced athletes take them to enhance the effect of anabolic steroids or as vitamins.

Sports supplements in UK.

Surely, you saw funny pictures on the subject of sports nutrition, like this: some kind of stingray asks for pitching - how much will I get from protein? or how to prick a protein? or claims that protein is chemistry! For those who are in the subject, it will be a surprise that such questions actually arise in people, and quite often!

The most famous food additives that contribute to weight gain:

Protein is, for frequent beige powder. It is used in bodybuilding as a food additive, as a supplement to an athlete's general diet, to provide the daily ration of protein. Protein is easily digestible, giving a certain gain in weight gain, as muscles are given a full-bodied diet and building material.

Gein - Gainer - a powder containing a mixture of carbohydrates and protein. It is a nutrient mixture that helps build muscle mass. The same macaroni and chicken, only in the form of a sweet powder with different flavours. Again, gayner is not a substitute for food, it is an addition to a person's daily diet. We all know the more carbohydrates, the more mass.

Creatine. Crystallized powder. Synthesized in small amounts from a bond of 3 amino acids - methionine, arginine and glycine. Creatine is contained in meat and fish. It is a safe food supplement that promotes weight gain, strength and endurance.

It is worth noting that in each description, the relationship between the words "food additive" prevails. This means that all the above mentioned products are only supplements and do not contribute to the rapid development of results, they accelerate the growth process, but not so much that it would be visible to the naked eye. Sports nutrition is not a panacea, as in the case of pharmacy doping, nutritional supplements contribute to the natural growth process and physiological processes.

Speaking of steroids, you have probably already realized that they are exactly the same, and are a panacea that unconditionally increases the process of mass gain by a factor of ten. To understand that, I'll give you a logical example. A male organism is at best able to produce 5 mg of testosterone per day, the main hormone for mass gain. The most effective Testosterone Booster is capable of increasing testosterone to 10 mg. And the weakest steroid for mass gain is able to increase your testosterone level to 100 mg per day. 5 mg against 100 mg is nothing! That's why with steroids you get a certain amount of muscle mass in a month with minimal effort, which with sports nutrition and pharmacy products you will not even get in a year. That's the advantage of anabolic steroids, great results in a hundred liters short time.

Is modern bodybuilding possible without steroids? - Of course it's not! A straight bodybuilder will never achieve the result that the bodybuilder is taking steroids. And everybody's on steroids!

So unless you want to waste time and money. Pharmacy dope and sport pit, should be just the accompanying anabolic stimulants, not the main ones.

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